Venture Society Roleplaying Game

Created by 9th Level Games

In this world of animals, the regions used to be at war with each other. Thankfully brave animals from each region united for peace and formed the Venture Society. The Venture Society is a world wide organization dedicated to helping others and encouraging harmony with your fellow animals, and you're invited to join. An all ages, non-violent RPG focusing on building communication, social, & emotional skills.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

November Update & Surveys Emailed!
about 1 month ago – Wed, Nov 02, 2022 at 09:51:03 PM

Reward Surveys 

The reward surveys are complete and will be sent from BACKERKIT to you VIA EMAIL this week to whichever email you use for Kickstarter.  

Important notes: 

  • Your survey does NOT yet include shipping cost, it will be added in 2023 closer to the ship date.
  • Your FREE GIFTS & stretch goal items will be listed with your rewards. If you DON'T SEE THEM, please contact us. 
  • If you do not see the survey email from BACKERKIT within ONE WEEK, please contact us and we can send you a direct link. 

Association for Play Therapy Conference 

A few weeks ago, the design team for Venture Society went to St. Louis for the Association for Play Therapy conference to show off the game. The therapists LOVED it and are super excited to use the game in their sessions with children!

What is Play Therapy? Play therapy refers to a range of methods of capitalizing on  children's natural urge to explore and harnessing it to meet and respond  to the developmental and later also their mental health needs.  

Dr. Brian Quinones, Heather O'Neill, & Tim Grant

Next Steps 

Throughout November and December the team will be doing final edits and ensuring we have all the stretch goal items ready to go. We expect to be able to send files to our printer by early January at the latest.  We'll get you some progress images in our next update. 

Thank you, 

9th Level Games

Stretch Goal Status & VTT Discussion
about 2 months ago – Fri, Oct 14, 2022 at 08:37:50 AM

Stretch Goal Status

We have had a great 24 hours and have unlocked more stretch goals! Still about 30 hours to go so it's quite possible to hit the remaining two.  

Virtual Tabletops 

Since these were a newly mentioned bonus for backers ($30+) we wanted to explain what you'll get and the reasons for using these two platforms. 

What you'll get: FREE module (themed play area, tokens, character sheet, PDF of RPG guidebook) on each platform.

Alchemy RPG is a fairly new player to the virtual tabletop space. They are going to add 9th Level's polymorph as a rules system to their offerings in early 2023 so it makes sense to offer the Venture Society module on that platform. 

Roll20 is the #1 virtual tabletop for roleplaying games.  9th Level Games already has a few modules on their platform and are happy to add Venture Society as an offering. 

Thank you again for all your support and here's to a final push to get you the best deal we can! 

~9th Level Games

Thank you!
about 2 months ago – Fri, Oct 14, 2022 at 08:37:28 AM

Thank you so much for supporting Venture Society! You rock!

A Strong Final Week

We are in awe of the great number of new backers that have some in just since Monday!  Almost 100 new backers in the last 4 days! As a result we have unlocked all of our announced stretch goals! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

~9th Level Games & the design team Erin Gilbert, Timothy Grant, Heather O'Neill, & Dr. Brian Quinones. 

Final 48 Hours & Stretch Goals Unlocked!
about 2 months ago – Thu, Oct 13, 2022 at 07:31:09 AM

The Venture Society campaign ends Thursday at 5:30pm Eastern Time. If you have not shared this campaign please do so to help us unlock more stretch goals! If you already did, thank you so much for your support and for sharing this campaign with your friends, colleagues, and family! 

Venture Society roleplaying in action this past weekend at the Save Against Fear convention in York, PA.

Making paper airplanes as the hands on activity during a playtest of Venture Society at the Save Against Fear therapy gaming convention last weekend.

We already unlocked one stretch goal and are very close to another! We are adding 16 additional Adventure Prompt Cards to the boxed RPG and the teacher focused mini-campaign is less than $500 away from being reached!

  • $22K - PDF Adventure by Michelle Nephew of Atlas Games 
  • $23K - Fold out added to RPG & Professional book with quick reference & quick start rules
  •  $24K - Virtual Tabletop Modules (Roll20 & Alchemy) We are SUPER EXCITED to announce that all backers over $30 will receive FREE VTT modules of Venture Society on Alchemy and Roll20! Over $100 value!!!!  


How can I change my pledge or choose to add-on other items?

  • When logged into Kickstarter choose Manage Your Pledge.
  • Then choose Change Your Pledge.
  • Here you will confirm your reward level amount.
  • Once your reward level is confirmed you'll see the Configure Reward page which is where you select and deselect Add-ons.
  • Click Continue when finished to confirm.
  • Still having issues? Message us. The Kickstarter Add-on feature  can  be tricky. The mobile app may be tougher for add-ons than a  browser.

How to I sign up to receive a donated copy for my organization?

If you are looking to be added to our  donation list to receive a copy for your organization please fill out this FORM.

9th Level Games will start a Venture Society donation fund. All donated copies will go into our donation fund to be sent to libraries,  schools, camps, therapy offices, after-school programs, and more. 

Can I add on items after this campaign ends? 

Yes! We are using Backerkit as our pledge manager and will have all these same items available for add-on if you decide to add them at a later date. 

Here's to a strong finish! 

~9th Level Games 

2 months ago – Wed, Oct 05, 2022 at 02:46:15 PM

We are so excited to announce that Venture Society has officially funded! Thank you all so much!

That means everyone will get form-fillable and printer friendly versions of the character sheets. Now on to stretch goals!

It's been a while since we announced these, so here is some clarification. 

$20,000 - Add 16 more cards to the adventure prompt card deck

  • These adventure prompts can help you create an NPC (non-player character), location, or full adventure quickly. Simply choose 3 cards - an animal, a location, and a situation.  An example could be a sad duck, at the lake, and there is a thunderstorm. 

$21,000 - Add a TEACHER FOCUSED mini-campaign of 4 adventures

  • Designer Erin Gilbert and adventurer writer Doug Levandowski team up and use their teaching knowledge to create a series of 4 adventures tailored for use in the classroom. These could of course be used by anyone and in any situation too! 

$22,000 - Add new PDF adventure written by Michelle Nephew of Atlas Games

  • Michelle is a mother of three and co-owner of Atlas Games. Venture Society is a game she can see working well for her children and has offered to write an adventure for the game! 

~9th Level Games & the Venture Society design team